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Life After Divorce

  So I learned to move through the ups and down waves of divorce – angry kids negotiating finances with the ex friends questions family’s dismissal tackling jobs like changing bank accounts and car titles in manageable pieces enjoying going … Continue reading

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Peace beyond Understanding

The Kingdom of heaven is within.    Luke 17:21 So many of your answers to the questions divorce posses will come from within.  Some come also from the dearest friends and those who’ve been through it.

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Fear Factor

The demands of simple justice are simple, indeed, but not just. Walter Kaufmann With all the recent events between police and protesters, it’s clear how much fear there is in our society – fear by blacks of unjust treatment, fear … Continue reading

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Parenting With Minimal Damage Through Divorce

“The greater part of courage is the courage of  having done the thing before.” R.W. Emerson Hardest part for me – never having done the thing before.  But others have, and I found one or two, and they pulled me through. Journey … Continue reading

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Men Often Seem to Focus on Not Making Their Woman Angry

Hold fast to Dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.   Langston Hughes It seems most men are focused on not making their woman mad, or appeasing her if she is. That’s always bothered … Continue reading

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Sorry, been away.

Sorry I’ve been away since the Holidays.  Don’t know why this strange phenomena happens each year, where I think January will be free of commitments and offer a time to catch up, and it’s often when I neglect things and … Continue reading

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So important to put the kids first despite your trama in divorce  – they need their grandparents, just like they need your ex. Research repeats they need extended family, even if dysfunctional. Try to put your feelings aside, for their … Continue reading

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