Personal and Legal Advice/Representation in Divorce

Looking for information and support while going through a divorce?  After finishing a contentious divorce, and working with lawyers often, I hope to share resources and information with you to make your trip down this unexpected path a little smoother.

May you find peace, clarity and a vision for yourself and your family on these pages.

General Information – Divorce Process:

Divorce Source: Information on finding lawyers, state forms, blogs, articles, forums divorce laws, the divorce process:  Divorce Source

Divorce 360:  Helpful advice, articles and links through the divorce process.

Legal Forms:

Legal Forms: The following is for the state of NJ.  Just replace NJ with your state to access local legal forms. Judiciary State

Simple Divorce – Simple Issues: consider the 3StepDivorce at 3 Step Divorce

Lawyer Information:

Avvo: General review of attorneys, their practice and helpful option to ask attorneys questions. Lawyer reviews undependable (they often scratch each other’s back) but other very helpful information offered. Avvo Lawyer Review and Martindale Hubble


Housing, food, support groups: Contact Social Services Search or call 211.

Crisis/Stress: Call National Crisis Hotline 24/7: 1 (800) 273- TALK.

Helpful Reading:

Crazy Time, by Abigail Trafford

Top Selling Divorce Books from Amazon: Various Books on Divorce


5 Responses to Personal and Legal Advice/Representation in Divorce

  1. I love this project and am happy to find my work useful toward your efforts. Peace.


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