Fear Factor

The demands of simple justice are simple, indeed, but not just.

Walter Kaufmann

With all the recent events between police and protesters, it’s clear how much fear there is in our society – fear by blacks of unjust treatment, fear by police of random attacks and refusal by citizens to follow the law.


Divorce often offers the same fear – terrifying feelings facing the unknown of what will happen to you, your kids, your $ and your stuff.

Reality is for most, once you acknowledge, decide, accept divorce is going to happen for you and your family, you can probably sit down one evening and pretty fairly guesstimate what will happen with your kids, your stuff, your money, considering your spouse and how they are likely to react.  In a year or two, it will likely all be sorted out, and you will be settling into a new, single life with your “new” family.  The unknown, the stresses, often end up more having to do with legal stuff, the courts, lawyers and their fees and how to work with them without whittling away your precious assets.

Try to work out as much as you can first, while your in a peaceful way, with your spouse, so you come into the legal process calm and in agreement (as much as possible) to minimize the time and cost with that system.

Please see my past post: Dont Go See A Lawyer




About Dee

I teach English at a local community college and am raising two children; I like to paint, write, pray, read, hike and travel.
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