Don’t Tell Anyone

“Don’t ever tell anybody anything.  If you do, you start missing everybody.  J.D. Salinger

It suddenly dawns on me., as I start to date again,  this must be an unwritten code of conduct 96% of single men follow. Sometimes they are so quiet – I don’t know what to make of it.  So I talk and share and ask about travel and books.  They always answer.  The date is over, and I wonder if they enjoyed being together.

Don’t get me wrong, I havn’t dated a lot.  But the few guys, I have. I wonder why they don’t like to talk as much, and try not to take it personally.  Perhaps it’s genetics.  Anyway, guess it is what it is..



About Dee

I teach English at a local community college and am raising two children; I like to paint, write, pray, read, hike and travel.
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