Sorry, been away.

Sorry I’ve been away since the Holidays.  Don’t know why this strange phenomena happens each year, where I think January will be free of commitments and offer a time to catch up, and it’s often when I neglect things and get behind.

Sorry, I’ve been away awhile.  Just bringing you up to speed: I filed for divorce in 2013 and the divorce was finalized the fall of 2015. It was a long divorce process, not because we couldn’t move on, though my ex did not want the divorce, but because we struggled working with lawyers who were either slow to respond or inept at dealing with a complicated settlement and my ex’s detailed provisions (he’s a lawyer).  The 4th lawyer, though expensive, worked through the detailed drafts, was clear and fairly responsive – though none of them, I felt, was truly a wholehearted advocate.  I imagine, I hear many say, many are tired, overworked and sick of a thankless job – though they still took my checks.

Anyway, just trying to survive taxes now. It was tough to figure stuff out this first year, where we went from financial joint life to single life – my paying portions of medical jointly and separately.  I found a new accountant.  He seems okay, but isn’t too engaged, and scowled when he heard my ex is an attorney.  But I think we’ve got it together – just hoping as always – there is no audit. ( Not that anythings misrepresented purposely, but what a pain).

So how are you? Where are you?  Wish sometimes we could talk.

I’m dating a little now – not much time with full time work and teens at home.  I met a guy from an online dating site.  We had coffee – he seems nice. There was a connection, but it’s a vague start.   He works lots  – and has teens.  So I’m lucky if we talk once a week.   And when we met neither of us knew what to say. – how much to share – how surface like to keep it.  My friend said keep it light – don’t tell him your problems. So I didn’t, and now we have a second date.  I’ll wait 2 weeks for that.

How I wish I could jump from, “Where did you go to school?”  ” Do you like to travel?” “What’s your favorite book?” to “Hold me while I cry” or “What can I make for you?” or “Why isn’t the trash out?”.  To laughing together private jokes about your kids innocence and  ignorance, silently, privately of course, while helping them along in a day of ordinary stuff, where you find the extraordinary in simple events of being together.

Have a good one.



About Dee

I teach English at a local community college and am raising two children; I like to paint, write, pray, read, hike and travel.
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