Life After Divorce: Who Will Help When I Go Crazy?


One of the things I miss about marriage is a, “I got your back” partner.  Times like when you really mess up something – like forgetting an important date, or when you lose it with your kids.

The other day I was trying to get my teens out for an important event, and they could not get themselves together.  They’re  too big to carry to the car, nor would they let me. But it was going to really screw up this event, where I was expected and needed and long-planned to go.  I finally went out the door yelling, “I’m leaving without you!”

In the car I realized, I really needed them at this event too.  And then I truly missed the, “Don’t worry dear, I’ll get them.” words, when I could sit back, relax, and know someone else could go pummel them (so to speak) – Someone else would take control.

So I trudged back in, continued with threats and bribes till they got their bottoms in the car.  This single parenting is a tough, lonely business sometimes.

I take comfort in the quote I recently read by Reese Witherspoon, “If you’re not yelling at your kids, your not spending enough time with them.”



About Dee

I teach English at a local community college and am raising two children; I like to paint, write, pray, read, hike and travel.
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