On the Other Side: Life After Divorce

On the Other Side

The waves have slowed

–   kid’s anger subsided

–  Schedules and beds readjusted

–  Double combs, toothbrushes.

All that came from work spent to keep alive

–  now spent on work preparing to separate, divide

Negotiated bills, car titles, bank accounts, lawyer’s bills.

–  We’ve learned to lower our resentment

–   That half of a whole

–    Is less than we had.

We’ve tried on new life

–  Lonely nights in bed

–  Public outings, social awardties

–  Who knows, but I think he’s got a girlfriend

–  He wont talk

–  I shouldn’t care.

Holidays tolerated

–  For for the kids, a warm smile, the same pie, a peaceful table

–  While we wish we were in other places.

Sometime I call him, when I’m afraid, when I’m lonely, when I miss his back

–  Disguised as a complexity needing his resolve

–  And he still answers, I take deep breath

–  And I  will always reciprocate.

But it’s still better

–  Thank God I’m on the other side

–  Of what facaded as marriage, but long a void entity

–  God saw my tears, and confirmed for me

–  this should not be, despite my marital resolve.

Take my hand

–  I,  and the culmination of all resources you find

–  Will help you through the tunnel.


About Dee

I teach English at a local community college and am raising two children; I like to paint, write, pray, read, hike and travel.
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