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On the Other Side: Life After Divorce

On the Other Side The waves have slowed –   kid’s anger subsided –  Schedules and beds readjusted –  Double combs, toothbrushes. All that came from work spent to keep alive –  now spent on work preparing to separate, divide … Continue reading

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Critical Father Daughter Relationship

Mom’s, whatever you think of your ex, your daughter really needs him, warts and all. CNN Article  Don’t underestimate father-daughter relationship

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Life After Divorce: Coffee? Anyone?

So strange starting to go out to social events as a female: listening to bands, going do dinner clubs, hiking events.  I’m really not that bad looking a girl – many have called me beautiful over my lifetime.  So why … Continue reading

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Unjustified Contact Denial

It may take decades for ex’s will know the damage they’ve done to their child by alienation.  And it will be too late. Source: Unjustified Contact Denial

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Shame on Me, Shame on You

I just got back from my morning bike ride, before my kids got up.  Pulling into the driveway, I felt the house front looked bland.  So after parking my bike and dropping my helmet, I went down to the basement … Continue reading

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Are You Hiding From Abundance?

Source: Are You Hiding From Abundance? Nice piece on just allowing ourselves to be – and what that brings to us.

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