A Date

Yeah, it was pretty bad.  First date two weeks ago – he seemed fine – kind, interesting – we talked about our kids. It ended and he asked me on a second the next Saturday – I said sure.

But he never called, and I texted Friday, “Are we still on?”  He said yes, but no plans were made – so I found us a place to meet.  I walked in, bought my own drinks, and listened to anti-Catholic anti-political rantings for an hour.  He occasionally walked back to the popcorn maker near the wall to refill our popcorn basket.  He still was nice, but pretty negative, and pretty cheap (not asking for a steak dinner, but if you ask a girl out you could at least offer a drink).

He went on as I planned my escape.  It was only 9 pm, the night too young to wrap it up and go home and jump in bed.  So I faked a text from my daughter, while looking up other Meetup events in the area.  Said, “Sorry, but my daughter wants to leave early for church in the morning, mind if we go?”  He said no problem, and walked me to my car.  There, in the dark, he asked, “Did I say something to offend youi?  I hope not.”  Sorry, but on a dark street with a guy I don’t know, I’m not going to help critique your dating style.  I’ve got children.  I want to live.

He offered a hug and I reciprocated.  Then got in my car, plugged in the phone and MapQuested the Comedy club event 25 minutes away.  I mean:

You only live once.

You only get one Saturday night a week.

Older is better – for somethings – and I’m older and wiser, and I’m glad I no longer freak or let that stuff pull me down.

peace to you


About Dee

I teach English at a local community college and am raising two children; I like to paint, write, pray, read, hike and travel.
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