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Domestic Violence is the Leading Cause of Injury to U.S. Women

Somehow we must think of ways to gently insert ourselves into each other’s lives.  Prosecutors fast facts on Domestic Violence Advertisements

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My Bay

My bay – God.  He/She/It is always there. Just got out of church.  Nothing like turning to God when I’m confused, down, unsure of myself.  Funny through divorce, not a whole lot changed on the outside – I was so … Continue reading

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It’s Over

Finally had divorce date and got through it fine. Nerwous but fine.  After waiting lots of time for the judge, the whole thing took 10 mins.  Waiting in line to request alimoney and childsupport payments through probation, ex kept putting … Continue reading

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Power of the Innocents

Being vulerable in the time of crisis is a good thing.  When you’re castaway on a boat, going through a divorce, death, loss. It makes you lovable. It draws people too you – opens you to resources and help.  Just … Continue reading

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A Date

Yeah, it was pretty bad.  First date two weeks ago – he seemed fine – kind, interesting – we talked about our kids. It ended and he asked me on a second the next Saturday – I said sure. But … Continue reading

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Life After Almost Divorce

It’s Friday night,and I’m cleaning out garbage cans, cause I finally have time to do it and they stink bad.  How did I get here – doing this?  But I’ve wanted too get this done for weeks – they stink. … Continue reading

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War Buddies Forever

Saturday night I went out dancing with some of my divorce group friends.  Rose, who left her husband after 20 years and 4 kids, when he started dating – while married.  Barbara, who left hers after 18 years of dry, … Continue reading

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