Sorry, I’m really sorry.

So many times I crave someone to simply say they are sorry – for messing me up, making me wait, costing my time, money – hurting me through lies.  But they don’t.  I get mad, and then I’m worse with my kids, need to exercise more, pray more.  I struggle with my feelings caused by the violation to “accept the things I can not change,” causing all kinds of self reflection.

I saw my neighbor tore up a large section of my front yard while turning her car around in my drive.  I don’t know her well – but our kids school together – we chat occasionally about town issues.  What floored me was she didn’t get out of her car, or even acknowledge it.  The family  just sped  away.  While I’m working on forgiving and forgetting, I can’t really.  I’ll always wonder why they didn’t offer to repair the lawn, or at least just say sorry? Then I could say forget about it.  Worse, now I don’t really trust them – what are they doing other times when I’m not looking?  Are they the ones stealing my garbage can lids?

I understand why lawyers can’t say it- it assumes liability. Maybe that’s why other’s don’t.  We’re on this course of thinking life is about getting things “right,” and saying sorry means we didn’t.  A lot of cultures are much better than ours on this.   I wish more people’d say “sorry” to me.  And just think how much easier neighbor life, friendships, even going through the divorce process would be.


About Dee

I teach English at a local community college and am raising two children; I like to paint, write, pray, read, hike and travel.
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