Mediation vs. Litigation – Usually a No-brainer


Mediation is often a wonderful alternative to lengthy, expensive litigation.  The collaborative process is even better. In fact, anything is a better, emotionally and financially, than litigation – but in some cases it’s necessary with contentious parties.

If you have to litigate, keep in mind only a minuet number of cases actually go before a judge (but your lawyer might not share that).  In the end you, your spouse, and the lawyers have to talk it out and come up with a reasonable agreement.  As much as you do that on your own with your spouse, using professionals minimally, the better. And if you’re particularly courageous, relatively peaceful, and thrifty, you can file for a simple divorce without lawyers using forms often found online.

Online Divorce forms:

Harmony Family Law: Mediation vs. Litigation:


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