Professional courtesy is important

Professional courtesy helps things go smoother for all involved. Less tension and animosity usually = more giving parties. Be generous when you can – it often comes back seven fold.

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17340765_SWhen parties are going through a divorce or family law matter, tensions can often be high between the parties.  It might be that one party wants the divorce and the other does not.  It might be that one party has discovered the other has been having an affair.  It might be that one party is unhappy with how the other is behaving in front of the children.  These are just a few possibilities, but the reasons why hard feelings may exist are endless.

These negative feelings can then result in one party desiring that their attorney share their displeasure.  While attorneys are certainly advocates for their clients, there is a time where professional courtesy is still important.

For example, take a situation where opposing counsel cannot attend a court date due to a scheduling conflict or family matter and the attorney asks your lawyer to agree to a short continuance

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